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Intex Solar Fence Guard

Solar fence guard(Zatka) is very simple to installation, Once its install around the farms/wall no one can enter in that farm or place. In the day time solar fence guard automatically turns OFF & after sunset it can automatically turn ON (also can keep On in the day as customer requirement).

Solar Fence Guard(Zatka) is security items. Its very useful for farmers to protect their farms and valuable crop from the wild animals. Nameitself suggests that products for security purpose and also useful in home, farm house, Factory for security.

When any animal or person touches the live fence wire they getting impluse type short(zatka) but it is not harmful for them. When animal touches the live fence wire one alarm On.

Solar operated it, that why its very easy to install in remotely.

  • Reliable and Durable
  • Trouble Free Performance
  • Uses Indigenous Technology
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Wide Range of Application
  • Boost Charging System
  • Fence Wire Short/Break Alarm System
  • Automatic Low Battery Indication
  • Reverse Battery Protection Inbuilt
  • Direct Solar Charging Facility

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